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Federal and State Work in 2021

Federal and State Work in 2021

Stopping July 1 Cuts to CRT Manual Wheelchair Accessories

The current suspension of using Competitive Bidding Program payment rates for accessories used with CRT manual wheelchairs expires on June 30, 2021, and CMS action is needed before then to prevent payment cuts. We are working with CMS and Congress to ensure the temporary policy change is made permanent.

Establishing Coverage for Power Seat Elevation and Power Standing Systems

The ITEM Coalition-led initiative to secure Medicare coverage for power seat elevation and power standing systems is making progress and NCART is proud to be a significant contributor. We will be participating in discussions with the CMS review team to answer their questions and supply any additional information. It is expected there will also be opportunities for comments from the public. In addition, we will be working on gathering information regarding establishing the needed HCPCS codes and fee schedule amounts. 

Securing Permanent Remote Service and Telehealth Options for CRT

Physical and occupational therapists, people with disabilities, family members, CRT suppliers, and others have reported meaningful benefits throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that support a permanent option for remote service and telehealth to ensure access to CRT. Beyond the public health emergency, telehealth can help overcome access barriers relating to travel challenges, lack of qualified providers in certain geographic areas, and concerns about exposure to medical risks. We are requesting that Congress pass the needed legislation to give CMS the authority to permanently designate physical and occupational therapists as telehealth practitioners. Additionally, we'll be working with CMS regarding permanent remote ATP and home assessment activities. Stakeholders are encouraged to learn more and email their Members of Congress by clicking here.

Establishing a Medicare Separate Benefit Category for CRT

A separate benefit category for CRT within the Medicare program would protect access to these critical technologies and related services for people with disabilities and chronic conditions. This separate category will allow for needed improvements in coverage policies, coding, and quality standards to better address the needs of people who rely on CRT to manage their medical needs, minimize their health care costs, and maximize their function and independence.

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